Field Peas, FP Weed Control

Staging Field Peas for Herbicide Timing

Accurately identifying field pea growth stages will help avoid herbicide injury. Most post-emergent herbicides should only be applied up and including to the 6th true node stage (V6).

Along with the Field Pea Growth Staging Guide, here are some tips to keep in mind when staging peas:

  • Peas always have two scale leaf nodes at the base of the plant. These may be above or below ground or a combination of both. Scale leaves are smaller than true node leaves and branches may develop from these scale nodes.
    • To properly determine field pea growth stage, dig up plants to identify scale nodes as they are not counted when staging.
  • The first true node leaf is the first stipule (leaf) and tendril that unfurls. Only true nodes are counted when staging for herbicide timing. If unsure, err on the side of caution.
  • Subsequent nodes are counted once the clam leaves have unfurled. Unopened clam leaves are not counted when staging.
  • Base staging off of the majority of plants in the field.

Make herbicide applications early, when weeds are small and actively growing for best control. Avoid applying herbicides if the crop is under stress from recent frost, excessive heat or drought. Wait three days for the crop to recover.