OFN Updates

June 23, 2020

This week in the On-Farm Network we’re scouting in advance of our pea fungicide trials. These trials compare single vs. double application of fungicide for Mycosphaerella (Ascochyta) blight control, or compare a single application vs. untreated.

Before these trials are sprayed and established, we’re getting into these fields to determine our risk of disease using the Fungicide Decision Worksheet for Managing Mycophaerella Blight in Field Peas.

Of the pea fields we’ve visited so far, some are still at the V8 to V10 (8th to 10th node stage) with a fairly open canopy and are asymptomatic – meaning it would be too early to spray based on the decision worksheet. Other fields are at or near flowering, with a dense crop canopy, and are exhibiting early signs of Mycosphaerella – small purple flecks on the lower canopy. These fields are approaching the timing for the first fungicide application, and will likely see a fungicide application later this week.