OFN Updates

June 10, 2020

Most On-Farm Network trials established at spring seeding time have been implemented. In addition to pea and dry bean fertility, and dry bean tillage management, trials were established to address several soybean management questions. These include investigating population, row spacing, seed treatment and inoculation practices.

We are also beginning to test more biological products in soybean – there are a multitude of biological products on the market, for application at seeding or midseason, claiming to do any number of things from protecting plants to increasing nutrient availability – the question is, do they work? The On-Farm Network creates an opportunity for unbiased testing of these products. Have a product you’ve heard about and may want to test on your farm? Let us know! Contact Megan Bourns, On-Farm Network Agronomist, at 204-751-0439 or megan@manitobapulse.ca.