Soybean seeding depth assessment

Crop Soybean
Start Date2017
End Date2018
Principal InvestigatorMacMillan, Kristen, University of Manitoba

Research Objectives

Identify the optimum seeding depth for soybeans in Manitoba.

Project Description

Preliminary results: Soybeans were seeded across a range of seeding depths (0.25-2.25”) at Carman and Arborg.

At both locations, timely rain occurred after seeding facilitating soybean seed germination even at the shallowest depth where seeds were visible on the surface in places.

Data was collected on plant emergence and yield. There was no difference in established plant population evident at Arborg but at Carman, population was reduced with shallow seeding.

Preliminary analysis shows that soybean yield was not significantly affected by seed depth at Arborg but was significantly reduced with deep seeding at 2¼ inches compared to seeding at ½ or ¾ inch at Carman. This trial will be continued in 2018.