Novel pulse cropping systems

Crop Dry Bean, Pea, Soybean
Start Date2017
End Date2018
Principal InvestigatorMacMillan, Kristen, University of Manitoba

Research Objectives

Evaluate several pulse relay crops and intercrops.

Project Description

Novel cropping strategies, such as intercropping and relay cropping can offer economic, agronomic and environmental benefits to cropping systems. Grain legumes play an important role in these systems. In fall 2017, an assortment of strategies and crop combinations were planted at Carman. Treatments included relay cropping of winter cereals with soybeans and dry beans, relay cropping of winter camelina and soybeans, evaluation of winter pea, and will include several spring intercrops such as pea-canola, and soybean-flax in comparison to monocrop peas and soybeans.