Bean App

The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) Bean app features five unique, interactive tools to assist soybean and dry bean farmers with important crop production decisions, such as seeding rates and fungicide applications. The Bean App is free and is available for Android and Apple users on iTunes and Google Play. Or, you can access the web app from your desktop (IE10/11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) and other mobile devices (Android, Blackberry and Windows).

  • Use the Seeding Rate Calculator to find the most economical seeding rate for your soybeans. This tool first helps you identify the optimum plant stand based on current market price and expected yield, and then by estimating the seed survival rate, the calculator recommends a seeding rate that will be most profitable. This tool utilizes research results from our On-Farm Network.
  • Use the Plant Stand Assessor to assess your established plant population and receive feedback based on scientific data conducted in Manitoba. This tool is a great example of how the results of scientific research can be applied directly to production practices. The research referenced in the plant population tool is derived from the results of work conducted by Dr. Ramona Mohr et al. from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada across 20 site-years in Manitoba from 2010-2013.
  • Use the Growth Staging Guide to identify all the key growth and development stages of soybean. Proper identification of growth staging is critical for field operations such as herbicide and fungicide applications. This tool identifies each growth stage from emergence to harvest, with pictures and detailed descriptions as a helpful reference.
  • Use the Yield Estimator to ‘estimate’ soybean yield. You may find it useful to estimate your soybean yield to help aid in judging storage capacity and budgeting. But remember, it’s only an estimate! Soybean yields are highly variable within fields. Increasing the number of samples can increase the accuracy.
  • NEW! Use the Harvest Loss Assessor to determine soybean yield loss during harvest. This tool allows you to enter counts of soybean seeds lost at the header, where 80% of harvest losses occur. Seed counts are easily converted to yield loss using the rule that 4 seeds per square foot are equal to 1 bu/ac of yield loss. This tool may also be used for losses behind the combine.
  • Use the White Mould Risk Assessment to aid your fungicide decision for control of white mould in dry beans. This tool considers the key elements that can lead to disease development; weather conditions, management practices, and crop rotation.
The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Association does not validate results and takes no responsibility for the accuracy of these results.