2024 Dry Bean Variety Entry Form

Fill out the form below to submit your variety for testing in the 2024 Dry Bean Variety Evaluation Trials.

In order for your variety to be included in the 2024 trials, entry forms must be received by MPSG by March 15. You will be notified on or before March 22 if your entry has not been accepted into the trials. Otherwise, please proceed to send bare (untreated) seed to Keith Murphy by April 12.

Ensure a signature is not required for courier deliveries. Refunds will not be issued due to factors outside of our control (e.g., extreme weather). Also ensure entry forms have been received by MPSG before seed shipments arrive at their destination.

If you cannot meet the entry form or seed submission deadlines, contact Dennis Lange before April 12, 2024:
dennis.lange@gov.mb.ca | (204) 324-4383


Keith Murphy address:

16 Lowell Place

Winnipeg, MB R3T 4H8

km@murphyetal.com, (204) 261-3055

  • Option A - Narrow-row trials Swan River location only ($650): Narrow-row trials for pinto/navy/black bean varieties, 15,000 bare seeds. Location: Swan River.

    Option B - Narrow-row trials only. ($650): Narrow-row trial for pinto/navy/black bean varieties, 30,000 bare seeds with appropriate maturity (90-95 days or less to ensure they reach maturity). Site Locations: Melita, Morden, Portage la Prairie, and Souris.

    Option C - Wide- and narrow-row trials ($900): Pinto/navy/black bean varieties, 30,000 bare seeds. Site Locations: Carman, Morden, Portage la Prairie and Winkler (wide-row trials). Morden, Melita, Portage la Prairie and Souris (narrow-row trials).

    Option D - Wide-row trials only ($650): 10,000 bare seeds. Site Locations: Carman, Morden, Portage la Prairie and Winkler.

  • just a number no % required
  • just a number, no seeds/lb required