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The Bean Report – September 12, 2018

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Harvest Update

Soybean harvest is well underway in Manitoba in the south-central region. Harvest is just beginning in the eastern and western areas of the province. Many soybean fields may be mature enough for harvest, but recent rains have kept farmers waiting. Early soybean yield reports are at approximately 30 bu/ac, on average. Remaining soybean crops currently range from R7 to R8. Patchy maturity has posed harvest timing problem for some farmers. If you are experiencing this issue, consider combining areas of the field that are ready for harvest now (seed moisture of <14%) and return to harvest the rest, once it is ready. Maturity differences across a field stem from uneven emergence in the spring and variable soil moisture throughout the growing season (i.e., low areas with better soil moisture may be slower to mature).

Reports of green seed issues in soybeans have trickled in over the past week in regions that experienced hot, dry conditions throughout July and August. For more information on green seed, click here.

A frost event occurred in Manitoba on September 5 in areas of the southwest, northwest, central and Interlake. See page 3 and the Manitoba Agriculture Special Crop Report on early fall frost, for more details on the impact of this frost. Frost damage to soybeans can also contribute to green seed issues.

Green seed and green stems 

Green soybean seed can become an issue when dry conditions occur from July to August. These conditions prevent the enzyme, chlorophyllase, from degrading chlorophyll in the seed (i.e., the process that allows normal colour change). Learn how this impacts grading, and what you can do about it here.

Frost impact on soybeans 

The impact of fall frost on soybean yield and quality is influenced by the level of soybean maturity.  See here for frost risk details based on your region and soybean growth stage.

Variety Market Share Summary

Table 1. Manitoba pulse and soybean acres in 2018, percent change from 2017 and percentage of the variety market share in 2018. Source: MASC



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