MPSG Announces Morden Pulse Tour

Carman, MB – August 11, 2016 – Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) is once again hosting its popular Pulse Research Tour at the Morden AAFC Research Station on August 23, 2016. Farmers and agronomists interested in learning about pulse and soybean research are encouraged to attend.

“We are happy to be back in Morden again this year,” said Kristen Podolsky, Production Specialist at MPSG. “This tour is a great opportunity to see the work involved in bringing improved disease resistance into our pulse varieties as well as to network within the pulse industry”

The Pulse Tour is a half day event that gives farmers and agronomists the opportunity to view field trials of research sponsored by AAFC and MPSG and interact with the researchers themselves. Highlights of this tour will include disease nursery plots, with an emphasis on bacterial blight and anthracnose, a water management study as well as soybean and edible bean variety trials.

This is a free, half day event and the tour is open to everyone. No registration is required. MPSG will provide a lunch in honour of the International Year of Pulses featuring a special guest speaker from Pulse Canada.

To view a complete agenda, see below.

About MPSG The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) is a non-profit, member-based corporation representing more than 3,800 farmers in Manitoba who grow pulses, including edible beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, faba beans, and soybeans. MPSG provides Manitoba pulse grower members with production knowledge and market development support, through focused research, advocacy, and linkages with industry partners. MPSG is funded by a 0.5% check off levy and is governed by a board of directors, including elected active producers and appointed industry representatives.

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Pulse Field Tour Schedule

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AAFC Research Station, Morden

The Pulse Field Tour is free and open to everyone! Lunch will be provided.

8:30 am        Registration and coffee

8:45 am         Load onto wagons

Welcoming Remarks from AAFC and MPSG

Wagons depart for plots

9:00 am        Stop 1 – Dr. Bob Conner, AAFC

Pulse disease screening nursery for common bacterial blight, white mould and anthracnose

9:40 am        Stop 2 – Dr. Scott Duguid, AAFC

Establishing a long-term crop rotation study including soybeans

9:50 am         Stop 3 – Kristen Podolsky, MPSG

Late planting of early maturing soybeans

10:00 am      Stop 3 cont. – Dr. Anfu Hou, AAFC

Novel bean types

Screening for iron chlorosis tolerance in soybeans and food soybean quality as affected by environment

10:25 am       Stop 3 cont. – Dr. Anfu Hou, AAFC; Dennis Lange, AGR

Crop variety evaluation trials for edible beans and soybeans

11:25 am        Stop 4 – Steve Sager, AAFC

Water management study

11:45 am        Depart field for lunch

12:00 pm      Lunch

Speaker from Pulse Canada: IY0P 2016

MPSG updates

For more information, please contact:

Toban Dyck
Director of Communications