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What Fall Scouting Can Teach You, Plus Row Width vs. Solid Seeding Decisions

P1010432-660x330So you’re thinking of switching to a wider row spacing for next year’s soybeans. Have you taken your hula hoop around this year’s crop first? Though there isn’t necessarily an “ideal” row spacing suggested for western Canadian soybean growers, the importance of knowing a target plant population and assessing stand establishment is still essential.

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In this episode of Soybean School West, Terry Buss, farm production advisor of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, talks about fall scouting and ideal row spacing for soybeans in Manitoba versus the other growing regions. Most farmers interested in wider row spacings see it as a cost savings tool, says Buss, but there are certainly pros and cons for either option. Buss emphasizes knowing plant stands and targeted live plants per acre before altering seeding practices. And to make this all a little easier, the Manitoba Pulse Growers Association is offering the MPSG Bean App.