Pulse School

Objectives of Current and Future Pea Varietal Trials

In mid-July, the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Pulse Growers and Alberta Pulse Growers hosted the 2014 Select Grower Field Tour. Attendees had the opportunity to see pulse crops in various stages of breeding selection, ask researchers questions about varietal development and taste the fruits of their labours, with an impressive, pulse-themed lunch.

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The day started off with a discussion on peas. The breeding program objectives include: developing high yielding field pea cultivars, improved resistance to lodging and disease and continuing work on quality considerations such as visual seed appearance, functional performance and nutrient density.

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In this video, Tom Warkentin of the University of Saskatchewan, expands on some of these objectives. In addition, Warkentin discusses possible varietal contenders for pea acreage in western Canada, and potential future registrants.