2013 Soybean Variety Trials

MPGA welcomes the submission of entries into the 2013 SOYBEAN VARIETY TRIALS. The invitation outlining the trial details is listed in the link below.
Please note: For the 2013 growing season, the Beausejour site will now become an Early/Medium Maturity test site. Please see the Amended 2013 Soybean Variety Trials Entry Form in the link below for details. This entry form can be copied as needed using one form per entry, completing all the required fields and submitting by e-mail (preferred) or by fax to MPGA as per contact information on entry form. Companies will receive e-mail confirmation of entry receipt. 

Invitation to 2013 Soybean Variety Testing
AMENDED 2013 Soybean Variety Trials Entry Form

Please note:
The invitation and entry form for the Western trials is listed in a separate post.


  • entry forms to MPGA is Friday, April 5th
  • seed to Murphy et al Inc. is Tuesday, April 16th

If you cannot meet these deadlines, please contact Dennis Lange at 204-324-4383 and Sandy Robinson 204-745-6488.

Also note: treated seed is not allowed.  Please send bare seed only.

 MPGA looks forward to your entries!