2017 Scouting Network


Each year, farmers get the opportunity to add one soybean or pulse field to the Scouting Network, a representative sample of acres observed by MPSG agronomists. Once your field is signed up, the MPSG Research and Production team will begin monitoring those acres. Fields will be visited once or twice during the growing season to examine crop conditions and pest pressure.

Data acquired through the Scouting Network enables MPSG to provide farmers with independent, up-to-date information. This information will be available on the website and in The Bean Report, a free newsletter distributed throughout the growing season.

Fill out the form below (with as much information as possible) to add one of your fields to the 2017 Scouting Network.

Farmers will be contacted prior to each field visit. Field history and background information will be kept confidential, and biosecurity measures will be followed.

2017 Scouting Network

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