Getting it Right

Attention Pulse and Soybean Farmers! MPSG presents the fourth annual, farmer-exclusive, Getting it Right Production Meeting held at the Victoria Inn Hotel, Brandon on January 30th, 2018!

 Register here!

In addition, there will be afternoon workshop sessions and an end-of-conference networking session sponsored by Top Crop Manager.

Afternoon Table Talk sessions include:

  • Iron Deficiency Chlorosis with Kristen MacMillan, U of M
  • On-Farm Network results and discussion with Greg Bartley, MPSG
  • Volunteer canola management with Dr. Charles Geddes, AAFC
  • Aphids: myths and management with Cassandra Tkachuk, MPSG
  • Faba bean agronomy with Chris Holzapfel, IHARF
  • Air seeders: variation in distribution and seed mortality with Avery Simundsson, PAMI
  • Strip tillage residue management with Dr. Yvonne Lawley, U of M and Dean Toews
  • Commodity group merger discussion with Toban Dyck and Francois Labelle, MPSG

This free event is open to Manitoba pulse and soybean farmers only. Farmers must be members in good standing with MPSG. Pre-registration is required.  Register here!

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