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MPSG Welcomes New Staff

Join us in welcoming our new staff

Serena Klippenstein, Production Specialist – West

MPSG is pleased to welcome Serena Klippenstein as the new production specialist in the western region. She will be stationed out of Brandon, Manitoba for the 2019 growing season.

Serena grew up in Sanford, Manitoba, and has a lot of agricultural experience, which she accumulated through her education, her work on an apiary, in agricultural retail and her work in agricultural chemical sales in southern Manitoba.

In 2014, she completed her Bachelor of Science in Agriculture at the University of Manitoba with an agronomy major and a soil science minor. Following undergraduate studies, Serena worked as a full-time sales agronomist in the Portage la Prairie region before going back to university to work on a faba bean fertility project to pursue a master’s degree in soil science at the University of Saskatchewan. She will receive her MSc in soil science in the fall of 2019.

When she’s not at work, Serena enjoys travelling, hiking, camping (and ”glamping”) and playing recreational hockey, soccer and slow-pitch baseball.

“I have always enjoyed meeting and working with people involved in all aspects of the agricultural community,” said Serena. “I’m looking forward to helping share the knowledge that MPSG and the Canadian pulse industry have to offer and getting to know the pulse growers and industry members in western Manitoba.”


Megan Bourns, Agronomist – On-Farm Network

MPSG welcomes Megan Bourns who will be taking on the role of Agronomist – On-Farm Network.

Megan had exposure to agriculture from a young age, as both her parents’ families have farms in southern Manitoba. Agriculture wasn’t Megan’s initial intended career path, though. She began her post-secondary in the pre-med program at McGill University.

Eventually, Megan came to realize that she wanted to pursue her interests in agriculture. So, she transferred to the University of Manitoba where she finished her undergraduate degree in the Faculty of Agriculture. Megan graduated in 2017 with a BSc (Ag), major in agronomy, and realizing her passion for research, began the MSc program in the Department of Soil Science.

During her master’s studies, investigating potassium fertility and fertilizer response of soybeans, Megan had the opportunity to work with MPSG’s On-Farm Network. This sparked her interest in on-farm research.

Megan is excited to apply her agronomic, research and communication skills in this role, facilitating meaningful and statistically valid research on farms, working directly with producers.

“The On-Farm Network presents a unique opportunity to positively impact agriculture, investigating novel products, practices and technologies that will expand production capacity, improve profitability and make strides toward sustainable farming systems,” said Megan. “I look forward to working with our pulse and soybean growers!”


Introducing Julie and Pete, MPSG’s 2019 summer students.

Julie Gullett

My name is Julie Gullett and I’m from Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, a small farming community in the Parkland region. I am currently going into my last semester of being an “aggie” at the University of Manitoba, majoring in agronomy. I’m looking forward to my time at MPSG and am excited to gain experience that I need for my future career as an agronomist. My goal for this growing season is to expand my knowledge on the production of lentils and legumes that are grown around Manitoba, as well as their major crop pests and continue to make good relationships around the province with different producers. I’m looking forward to getting out into the fields and enjoying the summer!

Pete Giesbrecht

Hi there. My name is Pete Giesbrecht and I’m an Ag Diploma student at the University of Manitoba. My wife and I live in Winkler and are anticipating the marriage of our oldest son in June, expanding our number of “children” to three married, plus one single. Returning to studies after a 20-plus-year absence has been a welcome challenge and opportunity. I anticipate using what I learn to further my goals of pursuing a career in international development in agriculture and expanding my hobby of field pea breeding.

I am thankful for the opportunity to work at MPSG with the On-Farm Network, as research is one of my passions. I’m very much looking forward to the 2019 growing season!